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You Are Here  Gun Laws
The Heller Case
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All the excitement of the biggest gun-rights case
in history is now yours:
The inside details of what really happened
What the case really says—in plain English!
The decision itself, word-for-word—
with 400 key quotes highlighted
How pro-rights forces will use the case
to benefit the nation and protect our liberty
How anti-rights activists will use it
to attack American gun rights
How you can use it to win the gun-rights debate
Every good, bad and ugly opinion that poured out
when the decision was announced
Get the untold facts:
Groundbreaking research and descriptions
by Alan Korwin and Dave Kopel

Analysis by top Second Amendment experts:
Alan Gura, Bob Levy, Don Kates, Glenn Reynolds,
Eugene Volokh, David Hardy, Clayton Cramer,
Robert Cottrol, Bruce Eimer, Joyce Lee Malcolm,
Michael Anthony, Sandy Froman and many more!
Summaries of all 67 amicus briefs filed in the case
Statements from the pro-rights and anti-rights
gun lobbies and groups
Reviews and quotes from the news media
and politicians who hated the results
Outrageous contrarian essays that predict
Heller as the end of gun rights in America
Special bonus: Full descriptions of all 96 Supreme
Court gun-related cases, 1820 to present!

448 pages